Gryphon is an established UK railway consultancy that provides specialist advisory and project services to large UK based Train Operators and technology integrators. Established in 2008, we have a proven reputation for delivering significant value on behalf of our clients especially in the context of specifying, managing and delivering high-value technology based programmes.

As a team, we have decades of specialised knowledge and experience derived from holding numerous senior management and engineering positions within the UK rail sector. Bringing together our knowledge of rail franchises, station-based technologies and project delivery capabilities, we are able to provide our clients with a unique blend of commercial and engineering support.

Gryphon also has access to an enviable partner network that enables us to expand our resource base to include design and installation services across a range of engineering and technical disciplines. Our specific areas of expertise include:

  • Rail advisory – station strategy and technology transformation programmes
  • Station-based technologies and solutions – specification and design
  • Station Information Systems
  • CCTV Surveillance Systems
  • Networks – Voice and Data
  • Automatic Ticket Gates
  • M&EE Power and Distribution
  • Building Management Systems
  • Project Management & CDM Services
  • Supporting Strategic Sourcing & Procurement Campaigns
  • Asset Management
  • Station Consents and Design Approvals



MBA MCMI MIET - Managing Director
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Mark has spent his whole career working across the UK rail industry and has held several senior positions within a number of large engineering and technology companies including Network Rail.
Using his industry experience and knowledge, Mark founded Gryphon in 2008 with the intention of providing high-value advisory support to a variety of large rail organisations.
A decade later, Gryphon has gone on to achieve great success by helping clients achieve their objectives and ensure successful outcomes are achieved.

Highlights over that past 10 years include…

  • Commercial development and project management of technology-based projects on over 600 UK stations on behalf of our Train Operator clients
  • Provided strategic business and account support to our clients that has generated additional revenues valued in excess of £100m
  • Strategic advisors to a number of winning UK rail franchises
  • Key advisor in the development of new turnkey funding and delivery models associated with high-value railway schemes

“I feel very privileged and grateful to have worked within this unique industry for so long and to have met so many passionate and capable people along the way.
For someone whose services more often revolve around technology deployment, it gives me the greatest satisfaction when we are able to take an idea, present it to a boardroom and then have the opportunity to physically delivery that idea through to completion”.



Dave has served the rail industry for 40 years and has worked predominantly in finance, procurement and strategy roles during this time.
He is a Director of Gryphon and leads on station policy, station strategy and regulatory matters.

Having spent the latter of his career within the Merseyrail organisation, Dave has held a number of senior management positions including Advisor to the Merseyrail Board, Projects Development Director and Projects and Procurement Director.

In recent years, Dave has spent more time supporting a number of owning groups on a more strategic basis in the wider industry and with their bidding effort for new TOC franchises.
Dave’s achievements include:

  • A direct or indirect involvement in overseeing in excess of 150million pounds of improvements at Merseyrail stations over the past decade – much of this was third party funded
  • Played a key role in working with other partners to secure the confidence of Network Rail for Merseyrail TOC to deliver a number of ground-breaking renewals projects on their behalf – and to mutual benefit
  • Helping drive up NPS scores over the last 10 years in property/station related categories at Merseyrail which have outperformed all other franchised train operators
  • Representing the Abellio/Serco owning group for over 4 years, from 2009-2013, on the successful National Stations Improvement Programme Board (NSIP), including a period as co-chair
  • Supporting the Abellio group on a number of bids for new franchises and represented the owning group on a number of forums looking at the future of rail franchising
  • In 2012 and 2013 Dave led a cost efficiency programme that realised annual efficiencies of 1 million pa without affecting operational or customer service standards
  • In 2016, Dave was part of the Gryphon team who played a pivotal role within the Arriva UK bid team (Stations) in securing the Northern franchise


Commercial Manager / Senior QS

Stewart has held a number of senior management and engineering posts over the past 30 years largely in the field of telecommunications (wireless, mobile and fixed) and heavy industry (steel).

Stewart has gained a very deep understanding of the UK railway telecoms sector having helped win and successfully deliver many of the major SISS (Station Information & Surveillance Systems) programmes during his time at telent.

Having joined Gryphon in early 2018, Stewart has provided extensive technical and commercial support to our major TOC clients in:

  • developing technology transformational programmes for SISS
  • developing alternative funding models for the renewal and enhancement of SISS
  • supporting technical procurement campaigns relating to high-value CAPEX programmes
  • providing cost management services

With a forensic approach to both project deliverables and costs, Stewart’s experience and skill-sets has been instrumental in keeping many of our client’s major programmes in control, on track and safely delivered.


Senior Project Engineer

Stuart has worked within the railway and telecommunications sectors for nearly 40 years. A specialist in telecommunication transmission and network technologies, Stuart has worked across the UK both building and commissioning large-scale networks for the railway and 3rd party network operators.

Stuart joined the Gryphon team in 2013 and has led a number of client’s telecoms renewal projects for PA, CIS, CCTV and PAVA. When Gryphon were asked to lead and provide full design services for new ATG (Automatic Ticket Gates) programme at 26 Northern Rail stations, Stuart played a leading management and engineering role throughout. The project was a great success and completed in record time and to budget.

With a deep understanding of the railway environment and the latest telecoms networking technologies, Stuart is poised to support one of the very first 5G deployments and roll-puts across the railway infrastructure. “We are very excited to support our client in what will be a total transformation of today’s railway infrastructure and how it will be connected”.




We look forward to having an opportunity to support you and your business.