16th Jul

“The Gryphon team are well known consultants and advisors for their work across station based technologies and telecommunications. As an owning group, it can be a challenge to translate strategy into action especially when you add in new technologies. Gryphon has been instrumental in translating high-level franchise obligations into fully detailed delivery plans with highly accurate supporting financial models that both Group and Operating Company can adopt.

Their expertise is not just technical or commercial, they are true railway people who have the knowledge, experience and contacts to really make a difference to your business regardless of whether you are at the beginning or the end of a project”

First Group (Group Property Director)

Project Overview: South Western Railways (SWR) – 2018 

Following First Group’s successful bid in securing the South Western Railway franchise in August 18, Gryphon were appointed as consulting partners and technical advisers to help the franchise develop the technical and commercial details around a number of their technology-themed renewal and upgrade projects.

Under the new franchise, SWR will fund and deliver over £90m of investment in station improvements designed to both enhance the journey experience and to improve operational performance across the entire network.

Gryphon will bring their unique experience and knowledge base associated with the large-scale design, deployment and management of station-based technologies. In addition to this, Gryphon will also work closely with the existing property team to provide comprehensive delivery and financial models needed to initiate a transformational programme of this nature.

Highlights from the SWR Station Investment Programme for which Gryphon will be supporting:

  • Renewal of 220 CCTV systems with over 3500 associated cameras
  • Introduce an additional 350+ customer information displays at key station locations
  • Introduce a range of innovative Customer Information enhancements designed to improve the overall passenger journey experience
  • Support the physical infrastructure requirements for new Station WiFi services
  • Support the LED lighting replacement programme
  • Introduce a scalable BMS (Building Management System) across the station network

Once the various CAPEX approvals are in place to commence these work streams, Gryphon shall continue to provide strategic advisory and technical support to both First Group and SWR property teams to ensure a successful outcome for all.

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